We are always looking for new ways to support and grow our entrepreneurial community and innovation ecosystem so we made sure this new flagship event was busting with two days of OKGNtech excitement. Check out what we’ve got in store!

Day 1 – Thursday Oct, 4


5:00pm – 6:00pm

Innovation Centre Atrium & Accelerate Okanagan Lounge


High-Voltage Happy Hour

Game On! This is a chance to clink and collect connections before the Money Talk and People Talk speakers take the stage.

Spoiler Alert: Visit The Collective You’s portrait studio for your chance at being featured on OKGNtech.


6:00pm – 8:00pm

Innovation Centre Theatre


People Talk

Ten inspired speakers, one wine-fuelled intermission, and some real conversation around diversity, inclusion, team culture and wellness. This is a chance to learn, shift perspective, and get empowered.

Speaker Lineup

Kathleen MacKinnon
It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, it’s not okay to do nothing about it: leaning into conversations of inclusion, diversity, and social justice in the workplace.

Rocky Ozaki
Innovate or Die. If you don’t operate in the NoW, you can kiss the future goodbye.

Nicole Rustad
Is the Internet so embedded in our lives, if we deny access to everyone in the world is it a breach of human rights?

Jennifer Jakobi
The future of technology and the importance of inspiring more women to study STEM.

Kelly Hoey
You’ve mastered the elevator pitch and produced a slick pitch deck but you’ve forgotten one thing: the network.

Paul Singh
How to kill the perceived gap between tech and non-tech companies in the community.

Charity Gerbrandt
Serenity Style. The Art of Calm in Business.

Leah Sanford
Social-justice and equity led diversity and inclusion practices require resources, courageous leadership, and commitment.

Gina Cherkowski
The impact of diversity and technology in education and the future workforce.


6:00pm – 8:00pm

Accelerate Okanagan Lounge


Money Talk

Ten powerful speakers, one wine-fuelled intermission, and valuable insight into the world of capital raising and investment. This is a chance to gain valuable insights around capital, investment, and money!


John Sechrest
Why an Angel is a key part of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Jill Earthy
Diversity drives innovation and Female Funders is on a mission to increase the number of female investors across the globe.

David Saltman
The economic opportunities created by the tech community’s response to climate change will be spectacular.

Lynda Brown
Raising Capital isn’t like what you see in the Dragons’ Den.

Paul Singh
Why investing into main-street companies is important to a community’s growth.

Kelly Hoey
How a passive, risk averse investor became 1 of 5 women changing the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Corey Wagner
Raising capital is one way to grow a company but customer money is another. Learn more about the success of Bananatag.

Marc Drouin
Labour shortage: Worker scarcity and what B.C. businesses can do to respond. 

Sean Lynch
Silicon Valley vs. Okanagan Valley | Founder advice from a Canadian expat living in San Francisco.

Trent Kitsch
Ready. Set. Goal. Learn more about the laminated cards that helped Trent Kitsch achieve success.


8:00pm – 10:00pm

Innovation Centre Atrium



Let’s keep those conversations and connections happening over local beer, wine, and entertainment. It’s time to hit the dancefloor!

Day 2 – Friday Oct, 5


9:00am – 11:00am

Bananatag, BDC


Breakfast of Champions

Coffee and good conversation? Yes, please.

We have some incredible speakers taking the stage for OKGNtech LIVE and The Breakfast of Champions is your opportunity to keep the conversation going! Space is limited so sign up for one of these three intimate and interactive discussions around some of the most pressing issues facing our innovation ecosystem.

Breakfast Combo #1

Join Kelly Hoey for a conversation about women in technology.

Being a woman in the tech industry is full of challenges and opportunities. This is a chance to hear more about Kelly’s journey in tech and how she found her path to success. This is a Q&A session, so come with questions you are dying to ask. Bonus: Everyone will get a copy of Kelly’s book, Build Your Dream Network.

Hosted by Bananatag

Breakfast Combo #2

Join Paul Singh for a conversation on the entrepreneurial journey.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you may have heard of Paul Singh. Whether you are validating a new startup or scaling a company, Paul will have words of wisdom to share from his vast experience on both sides of the table as an investor and an entrepreneur. This is an opportunity to hear his entrepreneurial journey, share your own and dive into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s entrepreneurs.

Hosted by BDC


This event now SOLD OUT. 


9:00am – 12:00pm

Innovation Centre Theatre


Job Crush

Calling all students! We are inviting High School and Post-Secondary Students to come hear first hand what it’s like working a range of jobs in the tech industry. This is the chance to a representative from local companies to get up on stage and pitch why their job and their company rocks!


This event is designed for high school and university students. Contact Alex Goodhew to learn more. 


3:00pm – 6:00pm

Innovation Centre Atrium



This is a chance to connect with local companies and see what OKGNtech has to offer. Think outside the box of the traditional showcase [no boothes allowed]. Don’t miss the product demos in the Theatre!


3:00pm – 6:00pm

Accelerate Okanagan Lounge



Come and play with technology and even learn something new! We’ve invited The STEM Learning Lab to showcase everything Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics. Learn to code or make a robot dance! Think microbit creations, battlebots and so much more!


6:00pm – 8:00pm

Innovation Centre Atrium & Accelerate Okanagan Lounge


Electric Circus

Think Startup Drink with a twist! Sandhill Wines will be flowing, beer from Red Bird Brewing at the ready. Beats by Aaron Desilva and food by Waterfront. Can you Think of a better way to kick off the long weekend? We didn’t think so. 

Spoiler Alert: Visit The Collective You’s portrait studio for your chance at being featured on OKGNtech.